The Aiptasia Zapper

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If you’ve gone tired mixing kalk paste and packing them in syringes since your Peppermint shrimps and butterflies have been ignoring the increasing population of Aiptasias and Mojanos in your tank, here’s a better solution — electrocute them.

Paul Baldassano has invented a patent pending gizmo called the ‘Zapper‘ that uses electrolysis to ‘zap’ the unsightly pests. The gizmo works by submerging a protected electrode on one part of your tank, using the 24-inch Zapper with a stainless steel needle to probe the Aiptasia or Mojano, and pressing a button to complete the circuit. It is powered by a small cellphone charger-like 12v power supply.

The Zapper is not available commercially as of the moment due to the pending patent but Paul is currently building them by hand in limited quantities. If you want one, it sells at $75 (plus shipping). The Zapper length can be customized if needed. You can contact Paul directly via:

Videos of the Zapper in action after the jump.

Link: Reef Central Discussion Thread

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