The Elos Aqua Top E-Stripe

by • October 21, 2010 • LightingComments (0)4636

Elos USA just posted new videos of their Elos Aqua Top E-Stripe, their upcoming modular LED lighting. There’s not much official specs but from the videos, it looks like the Elos Aqua Top E-Stripe will come in 60cm (24-inch) and 120cm (47-inch) versions, and each Aqua Top can hold up to four daisy-chained Elos E-stripes.

The Elos E-Stripes will be available in blue (royal blue) or cool white (10,000K). 60cm E-stripes run 9 LEDs while the 120cm run 15 LEDs. With four E-stripes, the 60cm and 120cm Aqua Tops are rated at 90 and 150 watts respectively.

When used with Elos tanks, the Elos Aqua Top will look best with the integrated glass hood. Each Aqua Top can be suspended as well or two can be connected together via the double suspension kit.

No official word on the price as of the moment.
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