Neptune Systems AquaController Apex Review

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Marc Callahan a.k.a. Mr. Saltwater Tank has just released an excellent video review of the Neptune AquaController Apex.

The Apex is not really a new product but it’s one of the best aquarium controllers out there. I’ve been using an Apex since it came out to upgrade my older Neptune AquaController III, and later on purchaed a Apex Lite to believe it or not, control my 4g pico tank.

Its strength lies on its fast 32-bit processor that will let it control up to thousands of outlets and hundreds of probes. It’s the only controller as of the moment that lets you control a device to the secondth level, which make it ideal for 2 or 3-part dosers who really want to precisely control their dosing pumps. It also runs an internal web server that lets you connect to it from anywhere via a browser, including on an iPhone (via its native AquaNotes app), as well as send programmable email alerts.

Since its release, there have been newer modlues that have been released:

You can purchase the Apex on most online shops but if you are new to the Apex or controllers, avail of Marc’s limited offer that will give you a one-on-one consultation with Marc on how to properly set-up the Apex for your tank.

If you need help with complex programming, I can help as well — just post a reply below. You can also head on to Neptune Systems’ forum over at Reef Central which I regularly visit.

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