KZ Fiji Purple vs. ATI Purple Plus

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ReefBuilders recently posted an article about Sylvania, maker of aquarium T5 flourescent lights for both ATI and Korallen Zucht, formally confirming that there is indeed a difference between the KZ Fiji Purple, and the newer and less expensive ATI Purple Plus. How different? Sylvania quite understandably wouldn’t give specifics of their clients’ products. They just responded that the two lamps “aren’t identical.”

So, I decided to look for the actual spectrum graph for each brand. While the ATI makes all their T5 bulb spectrum graph readily available in their website (click on each type of bulb), it’s almost impossible to find KZ’s. It’s a good thing that Practical Coral Farming has a page about T5 spectrums and they did find one for the KZ Fiji Purple. Note that PCF themselves are not sure of the authenticity of the graph, but for this experiment, let’s just say that the KZ Fiji Purple spectrum graph that they have, is somewhat correct.

Here is the spectrum for the ATI Pruple Plus:

Here is the spectrum for the KZ Fiji Purple. Note that the graph doesn’t look too exact as it uses curves to average between points:

With some photoshop magic, here are the two graphs together (red line is KZ Fiji Purple):

What is interesting is, even by doing several image manipulations (resizing both veritically and horizontally), we can see that the peaks for purple, blue, and green are almost identical. The difference between the two is obvious however — the red spectrum. The KZ Fiji Purple has a lot of red into it, while the ATI Purple Plus has significantly almost none (has higher orange though).

I wish I had both bulbs with me so I can take a good side by side pics. In any case, a comment on the orginal RB article seems to sum it up correctly: “…I have both, and I have to say that they definitely look different to me. The KZ has more of a reddish tint than the ATI, while the ATI seems to lean more towards an actual purple/violet.

Which is better? I’ll leave that for you guys to decide. ;)

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