The AquaHouse Aquarium Dosing Pump

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If you have been looking for a pump for your two- (or three-) part system, or other liquid supplements, well, a new peristaltic pump has entered the market — the AquaHouse Aquarium Dosing Pump.

What’s unique with the new AquaHouse dosing pump is it has its own controller built-in! It lets you specify the amount of liquid to dose (from 1ml to 99ml) at a specific time interval (once every hour up to once every 9 days). It also comes with a calibration feature as well to make sure that the dosing is kept precise.

Up to three pumps can be daisy-chained to share one power supply. The pumps also have magnets at the sides so they can be held together as one unit.

The pump will be selling for about $85 (with the power supply) and $79 for each additional pump (without the power supply). Some of the popular online shops should have them soon.

Check out the AquaHouse Aquarium Dosing Pump product page at Coral Vue, as well as the User’s Manual.

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