The AVAST Mutiny Ozone Reactors Now Available

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Well, that didn’t take too long! You can now get one (or pre-order the kit) of the new AVAST Mutiny Ozone Reactors! The pre-assembled reactors start at $200 while the assemble your own kit will save you $50. I’ve ordered myself a pre-assembled Mutiny I and will post more information about it when I get it.

Technical Specs:

  Mutiny I Mutiny II Mutiny III
Chamber Diameter 3.5″ (89mm) 4.5″ (114mm) 6″ (152mm)
Footprint 5″x5″ (127mm x 127mm) 7″x7″ (178mm x 178mm) 9″x9″ (229mm x 229mm)
Total Height 22″ (560mm) 22″ (560mm) 22″ (560mm)
Recommended Water Pump Mag 3 (300gph/1150lph) or equivalent Mag 5 (500gph/1900lph) or equivalent Mag 7 (700gph/2650lph) or equivalent
Recommended Air Pump Luft pump (or 4+ psi capacity) Luft pump (or 4+ psi capacity) Luft pump (or 4+ psi capacity)
Carbon Postfilter MR5 w/4 cups (1L) carbon MR10 w/8 cups (2L) carbon MR16 w/16 cups (4L) carbon
Max Ozone Injection 100mg/hr 250mg/hr 500mg/hr
System Capacity 200gal/750L 400gal/1500L 600gal/2200L

Here it is in action:

More info at AVAST Marine:
AVAST Mutiny Ozone Reactor page (AVAST Built, YOU Built)

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