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Last weekend, Reef Builders held Reef Stock 2011 at the Denver Downtown Aquarium. Reef Stock is an annual 1-day event that showcases new products, the coolest livestock, and great speakers from the reef industry. I decided to check it out to see what new reef gizmos will be announced and displayed.

I’m highlighting the best gizmos at Reef Stock on this post so prepare to scroll a bit. You mak click on the photos for bigger versions.


One of the big announcements at Reef Stock 2011 was the upcoming Tunze Nanostream 6095 that will push out up to 10,000 lph (~2,650 gph) at only 21 watts. I was told that it will provide flow to cover a maximum of 2.5 feet wide by 4 feet. As with other Nanostreams, it will have a magnet mount and the output strength can be controlled via a Tunze controller or 3rd-party variable controllers. MSRP is expected to be around $270.


Another big announcement is Ecoxotic‘s new 100 watt(!) Cannon LED pendant. It is powered by custom dimmable 10×10 Edison Opto multi-chip blue or white LEDs. I was told that these new pendants were mainly for use on bigger establishments but I wouldn’t be surprised if some hobbyists will use them for their tanks. MSRP will be about $499.

Check out the new, wider 100w cannon pendant compared with the original cannon pendant:

Holding it to give perspective to its size.

Ecoxotic was also showing off their EcoPico desktop aquarium. Two were set-up as saltwater tanks with clowns and corals from ORA. One tank was set-up as a freshwater planted tank, which I heard was aquascaped by Jake Adams of Reef Builders. The three tanks were raffled off towards the end of the event.

Sun Brite LED

Sun Brite LED showed their newer, longer Slim Line S with 6 additional Cree XP-G LEDs (a total of 18) than the non-S version.

Check out its PAR output from about 18″:

Sun Brite also had their T10 LED Tubes on display. It was interesting that they can be mounted using regular endcaps. Their lengths range from 12″ to 72″ — they actually had the 72″ on display.

The Portal

Not really new but I was amazed how popular The Portal aquarium viewers were. They had the 4″ portals displayed as with the newer 2.5″ that you can move and slide around the tank.

Check how The Portal worked as a macro lens:

Aqua Medic

In one corner, the Aqua Medic had their Yasha nano tank setup. It was great to see it running with their Turboflotor skimmer and Nanprop pump neatly hidden at the back.

Reef Brite

Reef Brite was also showing their newly improved XHO LED strips. They had this curved mounting accessory that makes you connect several XHOs to become one curved solid lighting fixture.

Avast Marine

Avast Marine had their upcoming “Stealth” cone skimmer on display. Check out the tinted body that will for sure minimize algae growth – great for those with refugiums in their sumps.

Also check out the custom venturi on the Sicce PSK-1000:

Avast also had their new Mutiny Ozone reactor on display.

EcoTech Marine

EcoTech Marine was also there to promote their upcoming Retail Partnership Program. I took a snap of the different wet side assemblies to compare their sizes — MP10 (smallest), MP40, and MP60 (biggest).

Nano Customs

I’ve reserved my favorite gizmos for last. Chris and Clive (evilc66 in most forums) of Nano Customs were showing off their in-house milled and assembled lighting products.

The Duo 700 (that I reported previously) came in a black powder blasted finish unibody enclosure, with slider potentiometers that can be switched to be controlled via a 3rd-party controller:

It was the first time I’ve seen their unibody Hybrid LED + T5 fixture that first appeared in last year’s Reef Stock. New is the driver that comes with it that looks and functions similar to the Duo 700:

Lastly, for DIYers, Nano Customs will be coming out with a sleek and stylish 10″ Heatsink Kit where you can just stick and connect whatever LED combinations you want. It will come with a black anodized heatsink and a milled fan port at the top with the fan held in between the acrylic sheet (white on the pic but may come in different colors in the future) and the heatsink. There will be mounting holes at the top and hanging kits will be included, as well as a clear acrylic screw-in splash guard to protect the LEDs. I was told that the MSRP will just be around $135.

Clive brought an early prototype of the heatsink kit, assembling an over-the-top LED mix using four of the new 4,500K 18 watt Bridgelux N1203 LEDs with 32 Cree XR-E with 60 degree lenses. At its maximum setting, it can hit 1500 PAR at 18″ and can start melting the acrylic splash guard in a few minutes.

The splash guard was removed to keep it from deforming.

Final Thoughts

I was told that more than 500 people attended Reef Stock 2011. This was my first Reef Stock, and I enjoyed it. It was great meeting fellow hobbyists and folks from the industry. Thanks for organizing it Reef Builders!

Oh, let me squeze in one more pic. Check out Mr. Saltwatertank doing his thing. :)

I hope you guys enjoyed my coverage.

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