About Us

Reef Gizmo is all about the newest gadgets and gizmos for saltwater / reef aquarists.

My name is Reggie Suplido, a tech enthusiast, blogger, and a reef addict. I have been running tech enthusiast sites, blogging, and reviewing gadgets since 2001. It’s about time that I blog about my other hobby that I truly enjoy — the reef. This blog is then about the two best things I enjoy – the reef and all its tech combined.

I’m a full time IT consultant by trade and am currently residing in Charleston, WV. I also enjoy photography and video editing. I am married to my soulmate, Shery.

If anyone wants to help me in any way with this site, feel free to contact me. If any company would like to advertise, fill up this form.

Oh, if anyone has heard or seen any new reef gizmos, let me know and I’ll try to write something about it asap.

Thanks for visiting!

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